Election questions - Alex Karsanidi

Being a Political junkie, I'm inundated daily by news blogs; some good, most repeats.  The Patriot Post is an excellent source of unbiased commentary and the following is an excerpt of Mark Alexander's July 27th article targeting people planning to abstain from voting or voting for a third-party candidate rather than Donald Trump:

"...Barack Obama’s colossal failures in both domestic and foreign policy.  Let’s review:

Obama’s domestic policies have been defined by his litany of lies and legacy of scandals, most notably the failure of his so-called 'economic recovery' plan; his long list of ObamaCare lies; his IRS Enemies List targeting conservatives; his 'Fast and Furious' gun control ploy; the VA death panels cover-up; the immigration crisis on our southern border...

The Obama-Clinton foreign policy malfeasance is unparalleled in American history, including the Benghazi cover-up ahead of the 2012 election; the 'Russian Spring' in Crimea; the hollow 'Red Line' in the Syrian sand; the Middle East meltdown in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Jordan and Gaza; the disintegration of Iraq; the dramatic resurgence of al-Qa'ida; the rise of the Islamic State; and the re-emergence of Iran as the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, which is now metastasizing into Western Europe and North America...

We compiled a list of questions for consideration by those who are not yet committed to vote for Trump:

  • Who will achieve more and work more with Republicans in Congress?
  • Who will nominate judges for the federal bench and Supreme Court who will uphold Rule of Law?
  • Who is more likely to formulate and enforce stronger foreign policy to restore America’s standing in the world and promote Americanism rather than globalism?
  • Who is more likely to seek to begin rebuilding America’s military might?
  • Who is more likely to implement policies to protect America and the West from catastrophic terrorist attacks?
  • Who is more likely to clearly identify the greatest ideological threat to the West as 'Islamic extremism'?
  • Who is more likely to treat our nation’s military personnel and veterans with the dignity and respect they earned?
  • Who is more likely to enforce immigration laws and protect American borders?
  • Who is more likely to support the Second Amendment?
  • Who is more likely to reduce taxes?
  • Who is more likely to balance a budget and  more likely to address our ruinous national debt?
  • Who is more likely to be a better communicator of free market principles and more likely to reduce oppressive central   government regulations?
  • Who is more likely to repeal ObamaCare and implement market solutions for health care?
  • Who has more experience creating and protecting American jobs?
  • Who is more likely to aggressively pursue energy exploration?
  • Who is more likely to re-write trade agreements that undermine the U.S. economy?
  • Who is more likely to resist the influence of Wall Street?
  • Who is more likely to reject Obama’s unconstitutional executive overreach?

I could include more, but you get the point.  So, if you are honest with yourself and put the media nonsense aside, the only positive answer to these questions is Donald Trump and his team who will champion all of them.  Don't let the smoke and mirrors cloud your judgment.