Republican slate makes right choices

Republicans have always encouraged Integrity and commonsense decision making and this year's election is a good time to start making the right choices for Ridgefield, Connecticut and our Country.  We have been coping with buyer's remorse for the past 8 years and it's time to look beyond the smoke and mirrors of the overwhelming media bias.  The flimflam of Hillary Clinton's double talk as become so evident, that even her staunchest supporters are finding it hard to accept her deceptions or explanations, or for that matter, their lack of plausibility.  As evidenced by even more disclosures, even the FBI had to backtrack and admit there is just too much to ignore and requiring further investigation into the corruption and lies.  

Sure, Donald Trump has his warts, but his heart is in the right place and he tells it to you like it is, for better or worse, sometimes to his own detriment.  But, however he says it, his plans have one singular goal, which is to restore our country to its premier leadership role and pursuing one of Ronald Reagan's primary goals: making America the "a shining city on a hill," and enhancing its boundless potential, as well as that of its people.  After all, this is what you expect from a leader, to work for the people they represent, whether you are the President, a Senator, Congressman or State Legislator.  The job is always to create the environment and opportunities for people and business to grow and prosper and then get out of their way, not stay in their way with regulation after regulation.

Connecticut possesses some of the best resources to offer anyone in the country – high caliber education systems, beautiful landscape, 4 seasons, and vast array of personnel and intellectual capital.  However, with some of the highest tax rates in the nation, jobs and people are fleeing our state, which has led to massive deficits that has put Connecticut among the highest debt-per capita in the country.  Years of one-party Democrat rule have allowed two of the largest tax increases in state history and out-of-control state spending, only to be followed by irrational attempts at cuts to areas that can least afford it, while leaving their favored ones untouched.  The damage done to our state has been extensive and now is the time to make the bold move to install the right people and correct our downward spiral.

Our candidates: Donald Trump for President, Dan Carter for US Senate, John Shaban for US Congress, Toni Boucher for State Senate and John Frey for State Representative, all support policies to improve our economy, help businesses grow and create jobs, reducing taxes and using commonsense planning strategies, giving people the opportunities for a better future for themselves and their families, as well as emphasizing our Nation Security so we are safe in our towns and our homes.

On November 8th, the Republican candidates need your vote.  The silent majority has been silent too long and it's time to unite as one team and begin taking our futures back.