With the election finally over and Donald Trump our new President, it's amazing to see the ongoing shenanigans of the Democrats (and their Green surrogates), along with the crying and tantrums.  Hopefully, this nonsense will stop soon to allow the grownups in charge to get on with the serious business of directing  our country back onto the right economic track and positioning us for world leadership once more.

Trumps successful populist message and campaign cut through (actually went around) the main street media and their biased drumbeat and inspired millions who had grown weary of the usual hollow promises.  For many, it finally sank in that they were worse off than the prior generation and they had enough and they spoke with their votes.

That said, President-elect Trump is not wasting time and is simply proceeding with his plans and a hand-picked Transition Team and Cabinet selections that should make any skeptic proud.  Past critics who belittled his prior business success and constantly berated his experience as not suited for the Presidency are now eating their words.  Evidently, it's a new era and many things will be tested, examined and, if necessary, will be thrown out and replaced with something that works.

Moving forward, President-elect Trump must not forget those that believed in him and must follow through with his campaign commitments: to appoint Supreme Court justices that will honor and enforce our Constitution, to secure our nation's borders (even if we pay for the bloody wall) and faithfully enforce our immigration laws, to restructure and reduce tax rates and dramatically cut regulations, to strike down Obama's executive orders and damaging socialist policies, to repeal or significantly amend the Affordable Care Act.  He must stand by his vow to represent all Americans, Republican and Democrat, and encourage them to work together as one united people for America first.  

This message will hopefully also strike a similar note in Hartford where Republicans have pulled even with the Democrats in the State Senate so that now one side will not be able to ignore the other and they will forced to talk to each other.  The State House is still Democrat controlled, but Republicans picked up 7 seats, so even here we might start seeing some bipartisanship and compromise.  It may be biased to say, but in hindsight, if some of the Republican budget ideas suggested over the past decade were implemented, we might not be in our present difficult financial position where tax revenues are on a downward path and state contractual obligations are steadily increasing.  Our pension liabilities are enormous (at least $40 Billion) and an uninviting business environment all spell disaster.

Albert Einstein is credited for stating that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  The legislatures in Washington and Hartford have now both been given a wakeup call and hopefully the jolt will start a flow of juices that will rejuvenate both arenas to work together and bring us back from the brink.  Failure is not acceptable.