Year of Insanity by Alex Karsanidi


With the passing of former First Lady, Nancy Reagan, attention is again drawn to a transitional time for our country and the Republican Party.  Coming off the heels of Jimmy Carter and a period when our country'seconomy and world position were in shambles, Ronald Reagan came forward to unit Americans behind principles of limited government intervention and encouraging individual responsibility and guide us toward that "shining city on the hill".  And, his 8 years as our President established a legacy that every politician since has strived for, with few even coming close.

We are again at a point where not only is the US economy not performing well and possibly on the verge of another recession, but the world stage is even worse.  The promise of "hope and change" made 8 years ago did not materialize in the form people were expecting and the failed experiment in American Socialism has only increased the present uproar to "throw the bums out".

Within Connecticut, the current financial picture has been steadily deteriorating and with 2016 income tax receipts continuing downward by $200 Million, projections by the CT Office of Fiscal Analysis puts our deficit for next year at $900 Million and, if we continue on the same path, a possible budget deficit by 2019 of $4.6 Billion that will only substantiate Forbes magazine referring to Connecticut as one of America's worst performing economies.  As stated by CT Senate RepublicanLeader, Len Fasano, "Connecticut is stuck in a fiscal fiasco and it's time for serious changes in the way our state budgets".

Unfortunately, Governor Malloy, plus the Democrat majority that have controlled Hartford for over 30 years, don't seem to be listening and instead passed 2 of our state's largest tax increases ever seen.  They just do not appear to have their priorities straight regarding spending, with proposals such as their latest bill cutting $140 million in payments to our hospitals and nonsensical mandates that only disguise as taxes.  And, they then wonder why our state population has seen negative growth, with more people leaving than moving here.  Even worse is the exodus of businesses and the unfriendly environment new businesses must face.  The departure of GE to another state will certainly have an immediate effect, especially for Fairfield County, but there will also be much longer term negative effects for many local businesses that lost their customers.  The death spiral just keeps continuing with nothing new in sight.

The time is ripe for "hope and change" again, but not the fantasyland preached in the past.  This time we must be sure the people we put in office are going to be working for us and employing commonsense plans to reduce/prioritize speeding and creating conditions to attract new business investment, plus putting out the welcome mat for new people to move here.

Albert Einstein stated that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  With the upcoming November election, Connecticut voters will again be given the opportunity to be heard, in Washington, but as important, right here in our state.  Hopefully, the past 30 years of insanity in Connecticut will encourage people to make the necessary changes to get better results.

Alex Karsanidi