We, the Ridgefield Republican Town Committee, seek to advance candidacies and policies which promote fiscal responsibility, limit the expansion of government and champion the triumphs of personal success.


To work vigorously to ensure that local government is accountable, accessible and responsive to all the people of Ridgefield.

To preserve and enhance the unique character, heritage and quality of life of Ridgefield.

To provide a constructive forum for the expression and sharing of Republican ideals.

To gather input from all registered Republicans to strengthen our party and maintain our focus.


To succeed in our mission we must:

  • Provide qualified candidates for all public offices (elected & appointed) who believe in and can articulate to the community our mission.
  • Raise sufficient funds to successfully communicate with the Ridgefield Community the positive values of our candidates and mission.
  • Increase enrollment in the Republican Party by demonstrating the positive contribution that the Republican Party provides the Community.
  • Communicate with the Ridgefield Community on a coordinated and sustained basis the benefits that our beliefs and candidates provide.
  • Establish policies and platforms that reinforce our mission.